We are looking for user opinions of some of the new Dstar gear. If you have one of the newer rigs i.e. IC-9100 or one of the new handhelds, please send us your thoughts so we might share them with others. We are very interesed to hear from anyone who has used the FA DV Adapters from Peter AI4UE. For more info cick on the Dstar Radio Club International link below. For up to date system status check by clicking on the Gateway Status link under Dstar Activity below. 

How can D-STAR help first responders using D-RATS

D-RATS is a multi-platform integrated tool for communication using D-STAR radios (read more here ). With only a pair of radios (or an entire repeater stack) a variety of data transmission methods are supported, including:

  • Instant-message chat
  • Automatic beacon messages
  • File transfers with error detection
  • Structured forms
  • GPS position reports
  • And much more!


Click here for the USA DStar Gateway Map

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Getting Started with Dstar

Step 1 Read this Wikipedia on Dstar for an understanding how it came about.

Step 2 Print and keep "Dstar for Newbies" by  Susan Mackay VK3ANZ It is an excellent reference.

Also Check out Gary Pearce's "Repeaters from A-D: A D-Star Primer" Gary Publishes ARVN: Amateur Radio/Video News

Step 3 Decide what Dstar radio works best for you by viewing either The Icom Mobile Radio Comparison or The Icom Portable Comparison. Yep, Icom is the only act in town in DStar.

Step 4 Choose a gateway (repeater system) and register. Remember this is a two part process. For instructions click here

Step 5 Time to program the radio. View these two excellent videos on programming By KN4AQ of Amateur Radio/Video Newss

Last step Enjoy! but not before you take a look at these very important usage guidelines.


Some very informative sites

Northeast Florida Fl D-STAR BLOG      N2LZ.Com



Dstar Related Tools and Utilities

DSTAR Activity  

Gateway Status   Reflector Listings   Reflector Status    DPLUS Monitor   Worldwide Repeater Map

DSTAR Programming Utilities

 DSTAR Calculator  Gateway Registration Check    DStar X System    ICF & CSV Files Bank

DSTAR  Applications

D-RATS     DSTAR TV   D-RATS 3.3beta5  D-TERM   Latest Chirp Beta   DSTARHotspot

DV Dongle/DVAP

DV Dongle Page   DVAP Page  DVTool 2.0Beta4     Users Group       PTT SW for DvDongle

DSTAR Help and Support Resources

 DSTAR Documentation Page      How to set up a Dstar Hotspot       DSTAR Users Group


 APRS/DPRS tracking map     DPRS Calculator for Icom Radios


ICOM Mobile comparison       ICOM Portable Comparison     "Dstar" The Movie      IC-9100

Non-DSTAR Items of Interest

K1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch



Callsign Lookup Utilities

Gateway Registration Check 

Use this utility to see if you have registered successfully with a gateway. Remember this is s two part process. You must register with a gateway then add each individual terminal with a unique identifier. For more detailed info see Step 4 under getting started above. You can also check to see if another station is registered and where the DStar System believes them to be.


Copyright 2009 - William Stillwell - KI4SWY

Google Maps JavaScript API Example

Dstarusers.org  Last Heard  Enter Callsign    


Use this utility to see where any registered Dstar station was last heard on the Global Dstar Network. Tip: This is where you could most likely expect to make contact with that station by means of repeater linking or callsign routing.


Click on the box to the left for the consummate resource in callsign information. Search for a new vanity call, research the history of an existing callsign, check the aging of available callsigns, print your current license, or find the hams in your neighborhood.


Current DStar Activity Courtesy of NJ6N Brian Roode


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